Olivier-Rousteing-01Who ever thought High-Fashion and apps would ever mesh?
Well, it seems the worlds are colliding, with Creative Director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, designing all-new looks exclusively for Kim Kardashian’s famous mobile game, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.”

Understand these are not pieces that have already been in past collections of Balmain; while there may be a few pieces from the previous season’s collection, Rousteing creates brand-new pieces exclusively for the site, according to a report from WWD.

Kanye West, Olivier Rousteing, Kim Kardashian

If you want your digital styleitte to wear these pieces by the covetable powerhouse, you can pay an actual monetary price or trade in your K-stars: for example, some pieces include a fringed handbag and pair of earrings, which can cost you $14.99, or if you’re an avid KKH gamer, 105 K-stars.

1 Eniko Parrish vs. Kim Kardashian in Balmain's Resort 2015 White Sheer Burnout Midi Dress
While some people may think a fashion designer’s collaboration with an app is silly or superfluous, it seems the numbers are in favor of Rousteing: within Balmain’s first month of participation in “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” WWD reports that 200,000 players “owned” a piece from the French fashion house and 2.2 million players visited the label’s official website. So even if people aren’t owning the real thing, the name and brand are definitely circulating to all of Kim Kardashian’s passionate and avid followers.

What do you think of Creative Director’s partnering with apps and online gaming to promote their products? Is it, in fact, silly, or a new marketing tool more powerhouses should utilize?


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