They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, and this is especially verifiable in the fashion industry. Throughout the years, we have seen numerous fashion styles making a comeback for a few seasons, so don’t throw away your mother’s clothes just yet. If you’re wondering what trends the fashion industry pulled out of its hat for the upcoming season, here are some you won’t be able to ignore. 

Oversized Victorian sleeves 

If you are a fan of Jane Austin’s 19th-century novels, you’ll be pleased to find out that some of that Victorian fashion is making a comeback 200 years later. The oversized sleeves create the illusion of a slimmer waist, adding a touch of femininity to the ensemble.  

80’s vintage puff sleeves fall into the same category, so go to your local thrift store or second-hand shop to find unique pieces you can revive this season.

The good news is that you won’t have to worry about the color scheme – since your large, puffy sleeves will be likely seen from across the street, you can wear soft colors during the day and add a higher dose of drama for the night with strong colors, including black. 

To keep proportions balanced, opt for A-line skirts or skinny pants on the bottom. 

Chunky boots and feminine dresses

The epitome of laid-back style this season is to wear your most comfortable, flower-printed dress with a pair of chunky, grunge-inspired boots. They are the perfect combination for a rainy day or your favorite spring music festival and will make you look both stylish and incredibly fresh. 

You can combine any print or patterns you want – the crazier, the better. However, if you want to stay in the safe zone, opt for a flirty leopard print dress with ankle-high chunky boots. 

Faux leather

Although it never went out of style, faux leather is now more present on the catwalks of big fashion brands. From maxi coats to jumpers and overalls, it is all about faux leather this spring. 

Versatile and easy to wear, jumpsuits are perfect for all-day-long meetings or a night out with your best friend. If it’s still cold outside, opt for a jacket of the same color and fabric to complete your look. 

Although these pieces work best with stiletto heels, numerous stars have been seen accessorizing them with flat sandals, chunky army boots or regular Chelsea boots. 

The maxi coats will channel your 90s throwback when it was all about Keanu Reeves’ Matrix movie. However, since small-lens sunnies are out of style, you can combine your coat with a pair of regular sunglasses, skinny jeans, and a simple shirt. 

Bucket-style bags

Thank Largerfeld in heaven for the end of the fanny pack era. In 2020, it is all about the bucket bag. The original dates back to a Louis Vuitton collection in 1932 and it has recently made a comeback as it is feminine, versatile, and perfect for keeping all your essentials. 

Match the shade of your bag with the rest of your outfit or make a statement by wearing one in a block color. Practical and extremely roomy, the bucket bag should be your best friend in the upcoming season.

Chunky, oversized gold chain necklaces

Finally, a trend that rarely goes out of fashion. It has been popular for decades amongst the minority community and has often been seen as a statement of power and wealth. 

This trend goes directly from the streets to the most exclusive runway shows looking fresher than ever. Combine it with military-inspired pieces, floral dresses or even office jackets and tailored pants for a stylish urban look. 

If you want to make a statement, wear two oversized gold chains on top of an oversized sweater and a pair of over-the-knee boots. 

Bucket hats

Last but not least, bucket hats are also making a comeback from the early 2000s. Although it won’t replace your kid’s regular helmet as you can see from this interesting article, it can still become a statement piece to complete your and your girl’s outfit. 

The pastel bucket hat can be combined with feminine pieces for a relaxed afternoon at the park or running errands in the city. Wear it with comfortable flats and a pair of high-waisted flared jeans.