Last night, after an incredible talk by frequent New York Times Style section contributor Caroline Weber on her Marie Antoinette book, Queen of Fashion (a must-read for fashion history lovers), at designer Charles Nolan’s studio, I headed over to the Levi’s Fall/Holiday Preview at the Levi’s store near Union Square:


Hosted by Fashion Bomb sponsor Glam Media, The Fashion Bomb and some of your other favorite style bloggers got an opportunity to try on Levi’s new fall styles amidst decadent champagne and cupcakes:

My favorite jeans hands down were Levi’s Reissued 1966 Skinny Jeans from their Orange Tab line. Made from incredibly soft Italian denim, and with a slight high-waisted fit, they had that broken-in feeling that normally takes jeans about 4-5 washes to achieve. I copped a pair on the spot. I came thisclose to another purchase:

But then gave myself my own Hmm…check in the end!
I also got to chat with fellow fashion bloggers Ehmonie (from What’s Haute), and Tracy and Tatiana from Lavish Magazine:
Premium denim, champagne, and fashion talk…not a bad night out!