By: Morgan Smith (@muvamorgs)

Nipsey Hussle touched the hearts of many and his legacy, which has been labeled as “The Marathon”, shall continue on even in his style and fashion.

Nipsey in the Sik’s View jacket, styled by Daniel R. Jones (@drjspokestyle) and Groovy Lew

Nipsey Hussle’s last solo post on Instagram has been circulating the internet since the rapper’s passing. The photo featured him standing strong in a bandana printed jacket which was designed by a 19 year old Korean London-based designer, Geonsik “Sik” Bak. Sik operates the ready-to-wear brand by the name of Sik’s View which focuses on creating conceptual reworked pieces. Nipsey’s stylist, Daniel R. Jones, reached out to Sik as Nipsey had discovered one of his jackets via Instagram and expressed interest in the garment. Using a Carhartt WIP jacket and vintage bandanas for the patchwork detail, Sik remade the “Work in Gangster” jacket as a personalized custom for Nipsey Hussle. Sik has also caught the attention of rapper Big Sean and designed a patchwork jacket for him as well.

The Custom “Bandana Chore” jacket for Nipsey Hussle by Sik’s View

Despite the copies of the jacket which have been heavily circulating the internet, Geonsik Bak is the original designer behind the bandana patchwork jacket. Imitating, or copying, the work of lesser-known designers is nothing new to the fashion world and the problem still exists especially in big fashion houses. Nipsey Hussle was all about doing what was right and showing his support for the youth and arts and he did so by giving the young designer a chance at showcasing his work to the world. Nipsey Hussle set an example to give credit and support when it is due, paving the way for others to follow and do the same.

Big Sean’s piece made by Sik’s View