By: Morgan Smith (@muvamorgs) for Fashion Bomb Daily


Niatia Kirkland who is better known as Lil Mama and artist behind the popular early 2000’s single, Lip Gloss, has had her Instagram popping since the new year begin. She came to social media awhile ago asking the public to address her as Niatia Kirkland, her real name, as she now a grown women and no longer the teenage “Lil Mama”. Niatia has truly been on her grown woman status as her most recent pictures have been nothing less of stunning. She recently posted a series of photos in a Fashion Nova fits, looking absolutely amazing and slaying them like designer pieces! 


Niatia in a Fashion Nova Black Slim Puff Trench

Niatia in Fashion Nova’s “Line Up” Bodysuit and “Hold Up Wait” White Boot!

Niatia in a Fashion Nova cropped Clear PU jacket.

She’s truly letting us know that she is not a little girl anymore, and we’re here for the woman she is becoming. She looks absolutely stunning!


What do you all think? Are we feeling the looks?