mo'ne davis designs sneakers

  • Last year one of the faces that rose above the rest belonged to teenage Mo’ne Davis, who killed it in the Little League World Series and then snagged the cover of Sports Illustrated, making herself the youngest athlete to do so. Yes, she’s got a Disney Channel Original Movie coming out but in addition to that she’s got a line of sneakers on the way. With proceeds benefitting Because I Am A Girl, a charity to help girls in impoverished countries and fight gender inequality, the styles will run you $75. (MTV)

anne hathaway devil wears prada

  • Did you intern for Conde Nast between June 13th, 2007 and December 29th, 2014? If so then you likely already know the company has reached a settlement where they plan to disperse backpay to unpaid interns.  Interns could earn anywhere from $700 to $1,900 a piece from the settlement, depending on the type of internship and whether or not they received a stipend. These figures could change depending on the amount of individuals who opt in to the settlement. (WWD)


  • In other Conde Nast related news, you might remember not long ago that Anna Wintour called out the Tony’s red carpet for having pretty horrid fashion.  Well apparently they’ve asked her to buck up or shut up.  Reports indicate that the awards have asked Wintour to come on board to help add some chic to the proceedings and she’s agreed. It’s supposed to be an “unpaid, uncredited” role but as Ursula so eloquently phrased it in The Little Mermaid: “You can’t get something for nothing, you know?” (Page Six)

Massimo Giorgetti to design for pucci

  • And fashion musical chairs goes on! Last week we reported that Peter Dundas was out at Pucci and in at Roberto Cavalli — which means yes, the designer himself is out(though not to be confused with ousted).  Well of course that left a seat open at Pucci which is now filled at Pucci which Massimo Giorgetti is filling. Name sound familiar? Yes, he founded MSGM. But no, that doesn’t make for another open seat; Giorgetti will be splitting his time. (Racked)

marc by marc jacobs fall 2014

  • Last week a rumor surfaced that Marc by Marc Jacobs was dunzo and now that rumor has been confirmed.  In a move that is preempting an IPO listing, the Marc Jacobs brand is eating its younger sibling.  Don’t think that you won’t be able to get the products though, the categories will now all be covered under the Marc Jacobs moniker with the addition of products that fill the void between Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs proper. There’s been no word on what will happen to the MbMJ creative team which includes Katie Hiller and Luella Bartley. (Fashionista)


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