Meet the Owner explores the busy life and style of the woman behind the newest talent management and production agency in New York City. W Entertainment’s CEO and Founder is a coffee-crazed, fashion-forward ball of fire when it comes to managing talent.

NYC-bred visionary, Whitney Brown, has taken the entertainment industry by storm. The stylish entrepreneur has worked with brands including Live Nation, Miami Heat, Buzzfeed, Chobani, NFL and more. In 2015, Whitney birthed W Entertainment out of her passion for talent management and brand partnerships. W Entertainment is a full-service talent management and production agency with ventures integrating music, film, television, sports, beauty, modeling and more.

Whitney has been described as powerful, multifaceted and fashionable. But at her core she is lovable and sweet. She is passionate about the creatively complex. W Entertainment is her promise to help unique entertainment professionals discover perfect partnerships. When asked about W Entertainment’s mission she states, “To create a platform for creatively complex individuals to freely express their work without boundaries and limitations. To create an environment where clients have the complete creative control of their work by eliminating these barriers and encouraging freedom to creatively express art and sound. W Entertainment will create, identify, and secure valuable opportunities to enhance the exposure of our clients’ brands through this freedom of expression” (Whitney Brown, CEO and Founder).

Meet the Owner will give an in depth look into the life and style of the woman behind the newest entertainment and management agency in the business. From fashion, beauty, music, food and everything in between, MTO will provide an all access pass to the busy life of a woman working to make the dreams of creatives come true.

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