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New York correspondent Kisha hit up the launch of Ms. J’s new book “Follow the Model.”

Jay Alexander Follow the Model Book Launch

Here’s her report!
Have you ever met someone and felt instantly attracted to them? Someone whose energy was so warm and inviting you found yourself wanting to be their best friend??
Well J. Alexander, famously known as “Miss J” is not one of these people. We all know him as one of the judges on America’s Next Top Model, but he is also a runway coach and divo who has recently added author to his repertoire. He is bold, audacious, and brutally honest. He cuts you with a look your mother would give you if you were acting up in church. His words are curt and can seem harsh, but there is no malice behind them. In fact he really wants to help women. In his book “Follow The Model” Miss J shares his advice for living a confident, happy and fabulous life.

Miss Jay America's Next Top Model

Miss J showed up to his book launch and signing in an unexpectedly casual ensemble. Though we’re used to seeing him with big hair, puffed sleeve jackets, and full makeup, his hair was pulled back into a chignon and he replaced his trademark ruffles and colors with a simple black suit. As audience members wondered if his over-the-top TV persona was just for show, he quickly dispelled our thoughts as he began to speak. As he gesticulated dramatically, lips popping and eyes rolling, he described memories of his childhood, saying, “I’m honest about who I am. This is just me. I don’t compete with anybody. I compete with myself.“

Jay Alexander Follow the Model Book Launch

In “Follow the Model,” expect to read about how Jay fell in love with fashion and made it from the South Bronx to Paris, France. Also expect to read about how he met Tyra Banks, whom he first encountered at a Parisian fashion show. Did you know it was actually Tyra’s mom who asked him to appear on America’s Next Top Model?

America's Next Top Model

Of course the Fashion Bomb had to ask him a few questions!
When we asked what he thought of Tyra putting models in “black face” he shrugged it off. He said,“It’s just fashion. I don’t see what the big deal is. Instead of painting white models in black face, we should put black makeup on black models. Let’s make them blacker!”


When asked what advice he has for women who want to be fabulous, he had a lot to say:

“Love Yourself”
“Don’t be afraid to experiment”
“If you’re not in shape you should not wear satin, ice blue, canary yellow or bus stop red.”
“Feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Wear your size!”
“Everybody can’t wear everything!”
“Fashion is forever Trends are not.”

Jay Alexander Miss J America's Next Top Model

And with that, I sashayed out with book in hand. There is sure to be some comedy in the book, but I have a feeling that “Follow The Model” will confirm what all Bombshells already know: Confidence never goes out of style and there’s nothing more fabulous than being true to who you are.

Follow The Model is available at Barnes & Noble or purchase here:

Great job Kisha!
I’ve met Ms. J before, and though he’s not exactly warm and cuddly, you do get the sense that he 100% knows what he’s talking about! The first time I met him I learned that he was fluent in several languages, including Japanese. He’s indisputably fierce!!
I’d be interested to buy his book!
Are you?

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