Chris Brown I can Transform Ya

Stumbled upon this piping hot new video by Chris Brown:

I was expecting a heart stopping dance sequence…seems these guys just sort’ve threw something together last minute.
That said, seems Chris has taken to the gym to meditate on his past transgressions…shawty is looking built! Right?
What do you think of the video?

9 thoughts on “New Video : I Can Transform Ya by Chris Brown”

  1. Chris can transform ya? Ofc he can, he already transformed Rihanna “from a good girl to a freak”.

  2. That’s mad funny cause I was wondering who the guy with the pony tail was too!! They should start listing the names of the back up dancers.

  3. I’ve been wanting to know who the guy in the left in the first picture is since I first saw this video. He is sexy.

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