Hey Fashion Bombers!
So I told you that my 2nd Anniversary would be full of surprises….

What do you think??

I just wanted to add a bit of color, streamline, and give the Fashion Bomb a fresh new face for its 2nd birthday.
Cute, huh?
Anyway, while I was in Paris, I knew I had to capture some Real Style.
I went to Chatelet les Halles…


…a shopping destination where Paris’ finest come out to strut their fashionable stuff.
I caught sight of this group of young men, who looked street chic in hats, graphic t’s, and sunglasses….
…they protested a bit, but after a while, they complied. And think not looking at the camera is another trend…
But what do you think?
Do Parisians have Real Style?

15 thoughts on “New Look + Real Style: Chatelet Les Halles”

  1. Love the new look…these young men remind me a lot of the young fellas here in MD. The one in the purple definitely has style mixing street style with a preppy look.

  2. love the layout!those boys look messy and very unfashionista-ish!come to london for stylish boys!

  3. I loooooove Parisians, they have a rough side what makes their look real not to put together and very manly! lol

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