Hey Guys,
So…notice anything different???
Do you like??
An anniversary is a special event, and you know I had to celebrate in style! The Fashion Bomb is all grown up, so I figured I’d ditch the pink, go for a fresh white, and a whole new layout. What do you think??
And this is only the beginning of the anniversary surprises. Stay tuned for a hot, hot contest featuring products from several Fashion Bomb featured designers, and my next event: An Anniversary/Fashion week party slated for September 8th. Get ready, it’s gonna be hot!
So the past year has been a lot of fun, and there’s a ton of stuff I enjoy doing for the Fashion Bomb. Every day this week, I’m going to highlight one, and today, I must shine a spotlight on:
Real Style

I love hitting the streets or patrolling the crowd for fabulous fashionable people, and New York City never disappoints! Taking pix of stylish strangers wasn’t always easy. In one of my very first ‘Mail Bomb’ posts dated December 13th, 2006, I have the following:
Diamond and Nini ask:
“Do you just stop people and say ‘excuse me, do you mind if i take a pic of you and put it on my blog?”
“Yeah, how do you approach them? Because so many times i wanna take pix of people rockin kewl clothes, but I dont wanna offend them even though its for something positive…”


To be honest, asking random people on the street is totally nerve wracking. I never know how people will react, if they’ll be really stank, or what! But, because I know it adds to the blog, I suck it up and do it (all for you guys!). Most times I just ask my coworkers, but now, I have a 15 second spiel that goes,”HimynameisClaireandI’mafashionjournalist,Ihaveablogcalledthe FashionBombwhereItalkabouttrendsandfashionandIthinkyou lookgreatwouldyoumindifItakeapictureofyou??” Usually they say “What?” and I slow down and repeat myself:) I have cute pink cards with the name of the blog on it for added legitimacy…and thankfully every one I’ve asked has been sweet enough to say yes! I mean, I figure if someone came up to me telling me I looked fabulous, I’d be happy to take a picture as well:)
Thankfully, taking pictures is a lot less awkward these days. I noticed that everyone wants to feel flattered, stylish, and beautiful…as if their efforts in the morning are actually appreciated by someone else. So Real Style is a bit of a cinch…and I want to say “Thank you” to everyone who’s posed and put their heads on the chopping block. You’re the bomb!
So that does it for today; hope you like the new look.
And you *must* tune in for the contest. It’s gonna be so dope.