WWD reports that Beyonce and Mamma Tina are upping House of Dereon options, launching a new junior apparel label aptly named Sasha Fierce:

Beyonce and Tina Knowles Sasha Fierce

Tina maintains the collection is, “edgier and trendier and reflects Sasha Fierce’s daring and outgoing attitude” and that it’s “really over the top.” The clothes, as well as the jewelry, eyewear, and shoe options, have already been picked up by Dillard’s and Macy’s, and (in true alter ego style) will be placed right next to Beyonce’s House of Dereon section.

I honestly never had any idea House of D was doing so well that it merited a spin off. It’ll be interesting to see how the new line does, especially since it’s riding the momentum of Beyonce’s (hot) CD and concert tour.

Will you be picking up Sasha Fierce threads?


8 thoughts on “New Line Alert : Beyonce and Tina Knowles Launch The Sasha Fierce Collection”

  1. I seriously hate everything Dereon related. ugh. It’s such a disappointment. Will this be full of random leotards and chunky chokers. UGH.

  2. Why is this news worthy. This family is tacky, they cannot dress, they just have access to expensive clothes. Rihanna should come out with a line, that will be hot

    I am so over Beyawnce and her tacky mum.

  3. They are not legitimate designers. Sorry. They need to stop fooling people that they are designing and just put a label on generic clothes like J.Lo and Sean Jean.

    Secondly, why should we buy this stuff when Mama Tina, Bey and Solange don’t wear them for free? I have never seen them rock their line on the regular. Why? Because it is tacky. Gwen Stefani and the Olsen twins are always rocking their gear because it is innovative and fly to death. Bey can’t even convince other celebs to wear her line for free. I refuse to take them seriously until they take it seriously. This is just a money-making glory-grabbing project for them.

    B, stick to singing and performing. That is where your bread is buttered and let the talentless family members fall to the wayside.

  4. bye @ D!!!! nobody wears their own clothes on the regular…now that’s tacky! besides ppl are buying that’s all that matters….let them do them!

  5. That black studded belt and dress combo needs to be in my closet NOW! I haven’t been impressed with the Dereon line (maybe b/c it’s for teens and I haven’t been one in a loooong time) although I did like the fit on the first HOD jeans because they somehow made my 5’4″ self look around 5’6″ before heels. :) Her HOD dresses were nice also but I never bought any of those. This is better than I expected. On another note, I don’t want Rihanna to come out with a line but her primary stylist, Lise Cooper should do something to capitalize on her ability to make Rihanna a “fashionista” in less than a year.

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