Kelly’s recording career may be over, but the former Destiny’s Child has landed on her feet as a judge  and co-host of Bravo’s new Reality Program The Fashion Show:


She, along with Isaac Mizrahi and Fern Mallis of IMG will judge 15 competitors as they cut, sew, and backstab their way to a $125,000 prize and a chance to sell their clothes at retail stores.

Hmmm…sounds like a recast Project Runway. And the judges for Proj Run made sense. Heidi Klum: Fashion Model. Tim Gunn: Professor at Parsons. Nina Garcia: Elle (now Marie Claire) Magazine. Michael Kors: Iconic American Fashion Designer.

Isaac and Fern make sense but what in the world does Kelly have to do with fashion? She’s stylish enough, but hmm…will have to see about this one!

Check out cast videos and more here.

3 thoughts on “New Bravo Reality Design Show: The Fashion Show Starring Kelly Rowland”

  1. kelly looks fierce and i’m happy she is working…hopefully this will open other doors for her

  2. I was honestly wondering the same thing. I mean, she is hella cute and all, but she’d be better suited doing a reality TALENT show. Sadly enough, this will not last for her because she has not credentials in fashion.

    Pauvre Kelly…

  3. I too, do not understand why Kelly has been chosen to host to a fashion tv show. I personally DON’T think she’s ever been iconic or stylish enough fashion wise. I mean, she does always look nice but hosting a fashion reality show aside Mr. Mizrahi??? Um.
    Well, good for her that she’s working. I hope I like this show and that it’s not too boot-leg… making me wish I were watching Project Runway.

    On another note: I thought she was suppose to host a travel show that was going to be something similar to the late 80’s show- Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous? Anyone know what happened to that deal??

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