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*Make Fetch Happen shows Naomi C’s new ads for Yves Saint Laurent:

Ack! She can do no wrong! Except for that whole violent streak of hers…[Make Fetch Happen]
*Parlour Mag shows fashionistas how to look chic in black, white, and pink…
…click here for price and buying info. [Parlour]
*Louis V sure is getting busy sending out those Camo Speedy bags to Fashion Bomb celebrities! Monica was spied sporting one while out shopping…
…and yesterday we saw both Rihanna and Trina rocking one. Marketing at its very best! I’m kinda ‘eh’ about those bags, though. Are you?

8 thoughts on “Naomi for YSL”

  1. Yea I am not really LOVING the Louis bag in Camo…but Claire how did you buy your domain name?

  2. The bag is okay but the main question is who makes Monica’s jumpsuit? I have long legs and those look like they may work.

  3. The Monogramaflouge which actually officially launched today isn’t for every one..I think that Rihanna pulled it on the best.

  4. Actually I think that it appeals to those that ALREADY have tons of LV bags and it is just another one to add to the collection! I mean we regular girls do buy those kinda bags strategically ie we chose timeless pieces and not just the ones that answer to a fad so…if you belong to the Rihanna, Monica and Trina category then more power to you but if you belong to my category then huh it may not be the wisest choice!!! Other than that I have seen uglier bags than this one!!! Bisous! Claire keep up the good work! Courage!

  5. Im really not feeling the camoflage louie…BUT I LOVE MONICA’S OUTFIT!!..lol

  6. I am a Purse junkie. That purse look good with that Jumper. But, that LV is a trend purse.Not something you can carry everyday.If you hve the money to blow,I say do it.But,if you’re anything like me.(thrifty,but buy nice piece)I have the Classic LV…

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