By: Morgan Smith (@muvamorgs) for Fashion Bomb Daily


As a globally-known supermodel with a walk that is hard to imitate and also hard to forget, Naomi Campbell has made her mark on the runway and in the fashion industry. Aside from fashion, Naomi is also involved in many philanthropic avenues as well. This woman literally does everything and it is hard to believe that she has not ever been featured for a beauty campaign with such flawless skin and a high sought-after status in the industry. Well, NARS changed that by making her the new face of NARS Cosmetics which they announced through an Instagram post which featured an upclose shot of Naomi Campbell.

François Nars, founder of NARS Cosmetics, made Naomi her own foundation when she first began modeling as she found it difficult to find the perfect shade to fit her skin tone. Since then, the two have solidified a bond and friends even referring to each other as “family”.

François Nars, Naomi Campbell, and Lena Koro


Naomi Campbell and François Nars Nars 15×15 at Art Basel Miami in 2009

This is a huge deal for Naomi Campbell as she has always been told that she has such beautiful skin, yet no one ever featured her in their beauty campaigns and further hinting at the fact this was due to the color of her skin. NARS will be tackling this approach by diversifying and extending their foundation shades in addition to introducing a new Skin Deep Eye Palette and Super Radiant Booster.