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Not sure if you’ve heard the buzz, but there’s a new show on BET.com called Buppies:

Buppies BET

The hip webisodes follows the lives of five ‘Buppies’ or Black Yuppies–Priscilla a Magazine Editor, Shaka a Rapper/Corporate Lawyer , Eliot a Sports Agent, Kourtney a rap music heiress, and Quinci an Entertainment Publicist–as they navigate The Young Black Hollywood scene and try to stay out of trouble.

Today the cast of Buppies was fabulous enough to talk to The Fashion Bomb about a few of their favorite things, and dish a bit about their character’s styles on the show!

First, up, we have Tatyana Ali, who plays Quinci:

Tatyana Ali Buppies Quinci

She says, “My character, Quinci Allen, and I both have a penchant for shoes and accessories.  We also share an interest in bright colors–bold blues, purples, yellows and deep reds.” As a classic chic fashionista, Tatyana adds, “Whereas Quinci is more apt to follow trends, I’m interested in the shape, fit and proportions of clothes and then I like to mix them all together–big a-line coats, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn, with a great pair of skinny jeans and heels or boots.  Generally, I like my clothes to reflect my personality: fun, sexy and about business.” Tatyana’s lists handbags by Dominique Cohen, Pastry Cotton Leggings, Gray Chloé Knee High Boots, American Apparel Deep V Tee’s, and her grandmother’s thin gold Citizen’s watch among her favorite things:

Next up, we have Robin Thede, who plays prissy Priscilla:

Robin Thede Priscilla Buppies

About her character, Robin says, “She’s the black woman in a corset! Priscilla is very tailored and loves all things Chanel.” By contrast Robin is more subdued, saying, “I love Tulle clothing–it’s a local LA designer that has phenomenal everyday wear with thoughtful touches (silk lining, bows and flouncy hemlines) and super affordable prices. I adore Marc Jacobs for handbags and fun dresses in wild patterns. David Meister and Jenny Packham have ridiculously gorgeous dresses from fancy daywear to red carpet stunners. And with Kate Moss for Top Shop you can always find cute pieces in her line that make a statement:”

Chanté Frierson plays Kourtney, the around the way Rap Heiress:

Kourtney Buppies

While Kourtney is, “hood chic,” and likes Baby Phat and the hottest Louis Vuitton bag, Chanté is more of a Bebe girl. She says, “I love clothes that are made to fit all types of women well so I make my one stop shop BEBE. They make great high fashion clothes that fit curves well. Also they make amazing workout gear, hand bags and jewelry.” She continues, “For shoes I  can’t go wrong with finding something cute, trendy and affordable at Aldo.  I’m a simple girl, so when I’m looking a for a pump or classic boot, Aldo has it all.” And like a true Buppie, she says, “I hate to leave the house without my MAC lip glass. Love to keep the lips shiny!”

Ernest Wadell is Shaka, the high powered attorney with dreams of being the next hot rapper:

Shaka Buppies

He says that Shaka is, “all about urban luxe.” Ernest himself prefers to go for more of a hipster vibe, rocking whatever feels comfortable for him. He says, “I dress according to how I feel while I think Shaka dresses according to how he’ll be seen.” A champion of functionality and durability, Ernest counts Quoddy trial mocassins, Zip ups by A.P.C, Diesel Jeans, Odin Boutique Button Ups, Chuck Tailors, and Dunhill Wallets amongst his favorite things:

And lastly Preston Davis plays Eliot, Priscilla’s boyfriend:

Eliot Buppies BET

Preston says that Eliot is, “Preppy, tailored, and conservative.  He loves Thomas Pink and Hugo Boss on a relaxed day.” As for his personal style, Preston says, “My style is the exact opposite of controlled and conservative! I call my style “hii-fancy” for hippie meets fancy. I’m a little bit of everything and can wear virtually anything I want and make it look good.” His wardrobe must haves include his vintage red cowboy boots, blue Levi’s, and his Panamanian handmade Lavendar bag:

Intrigued? Check out the premiere episode here:

And tune in on Tuesdays to www.buppies.bet.com to follow the drama.

Will you be watching?


10 thoughts on “My Favorite Things : The Cast of Buppies”

  1. I’m liking the show and their clothes are cute and the seeing how the actors differ from their character’s style is very interesting,I likes!

  2. This show looks Hott!!!!! Now what is not hot is how BET has it online as a show…i can name a few shows BET could get rid of to replace it with Buppies!!!! I aint trippin becuase its something i can watch while at work..holla

    thanks for sharing Claire, this is perfect!

  3. Not a fan of the show already. Why does the damn-near white one have to be the ‘educated’, tennis playing, ‘proper’ acting one? And then the dark skinned, Atlanta curls weave and Baby Phat dresser? So cliche. So tired. So over it.

  4. My comment is simply this, I am appauled that TJ decided to make an inappropriate statement about Robin Thebe, Pricilla’s character. So to address you directly TJ if you are going to criticize the young woman at least have the decency to call her by her name or that of her characters name. Why do you have to be so disrespectful by calling her the \damn near white one\, what does that have to do with anything?… You also disrespected the other young lady by labeling her \Atlanta curls weave baby phat dresser\ stop spreading ignorance by allowing such statements to leave your mouth. Black people CELEBRATE our diversity in color because we come from many different backgrounds. Though I will agree with you that the subject material is \poor\ I also recognize that it serves it’s purpose which is to create a buzz and more or less highlight characters (or representations of people that actually fit/resemble) the characters that are depicted in this webisode. Overall, I dont think it wise to attack peoples skin color as the point of contention or for that to be the basis of your critical view of their demeanor, people’s experiences make them act the way they do…not their skin color.

  5. I think TJ could have been more eloquent, but I agree. Same old stereotypes, just another day. I’m confused as to if its satire, or if they’re serious. I think they’re squandering a good opportunity to do something different.

    But on the fashion angle, it looks hot. I guess I’ll be watching solely to see what they’re wearing.

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