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Today we have a special treat for you: An exclusive interview with…


Dawn Richard!
Don’t know Dawn? She was of a member of the wildly popular girl group Danity Kane

…formed by the ubiquitous Diddy on MTV’s Making the Band. Now that the girls have gone their separate ways, this New Orleans native is pursuing a few solo projects, including penning songs for Cassie and Diddy’s albums and producing a comic book, www.danitykanecomics.com.

She took a short break from shooting Season 5 of Making the Band to give us the scoop on her favorite style items and beauty must haves.
About her singular look, Dawn says, “I’ve always had an edgier style….I tend to go for short, mainly because I’m only 5’3″ so I have to make the legs look long!

“…My favorite color is teal, but I love dark colors like black, grey, and plum. I adore designers like Martin Margiela, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Chanel, Chloe, and Stella McCartney.
Great taste! Top designers are cool for big events, but what about when you’re kicking it with your girls? She says, “The casual kick back look for me is a Martin Margiela 6 tunic with black tights, a boyfriend blazer and my dependable Y-3 boots.
So, you see, we have a certified stylista on our hands! Naturally her fashionable favorites read like a hot list of top designer accessories…
She says, “I never go anywhere without my Louis Vuitton platform shoes from their Fall collection, my Martin Margiela spring ’09 sunglasses (they look like ski glasses…they’re so Star Trek!), my Tina Turner fringe Louboutin boots (I feel like I wanna go dancing when I wear them!), my Miu Miu gold sandals with crystal nuggets in the heel, my limited edition Chanel round sunglasses, my black classic Christian Louboutins (every girl should have them), my Tory Burch green purse, and my Margiela bottle cap ring and paper clip bracelet.”

Pictured: Christian Louboutin Decollete patent pumps, $625. Tory Burch Green Resin Logo Clutch, $189. Christian Louboutin Forever Tina Fringe Boot, $1,575. Chanel Sunglasses, $580. Miu Miu Swarovski Platform Sandals, $675. Margiela Sunglasses, Price Upon Request. Martin Margiela Paper Clip Bracelet, $195. Maison Martin Margiela Bottle Cap Ring, $79.

Style and beauty go hand in hand, so Dawn indulged, “MAC makeup is my survival kit!! I also love Carol’s Daughter, their mousse and hair products are so organic and light! And I love Coco Chanel and Pink Sugar..I love smelling like candy..lol!”

Pictured: MAC Makeup, Price Upon Request. Carol’s Daughter Products, Price Upon Request. Aquolina Pink Sugar Luxury Gift Set, $95. Coco Chanel Perfume, Price Upon Request.

We’re sure Que likes candy as well, so I had to ask what the lovebirds were doing for V-Day!
She laughs, “We will probably be working, so I don’t know yet!” Ok, no dish on the big plans, but she tells the Fashion Bomb that Que has been getting into modeling. “I think he’d make a great D&G model!Cute.
Dawn had to get back to taping, so to her fans she says, “Thank you for all your support..I hope you continue on this journey with me.” And to the fashionistas she offers this advice, “The best style you can have is your own…there is no wrong way…stay creative!
Check out Dawn’s comics at www.danitykanecomics.com and keep an eye peeled for her on MTV and beyond!
*Pssst, if you have any other questions for Dawn, leave a comment! I’ll see what I can do to get you an answer:)

15 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: Dawn Richard”

  1. LOVE your blog…I am in love with Dawn. She is always so stylish and stays true to herself.

  2. I’m sad Danity Kane broke up, I really loved them. I hope they get back together somehow…

  3. I really hate when celebrities name like $1000 items as something every male or female should have in their closet! Seriously…we know that you may be able to afford it “now” but please remember it is not something EVERYONE can afford!

  4. Yeah, I think Dawn sipped the Diddy Kool aid…none of her must haves were under $500 (save the paperclip bracelet which I could make here at my desk). Earth the Dawn!

  5. I LOVE Dawn!!! She was my favorite Danity Kane member and I was so sad to hear that they broke up for real!! This was great!

  6. She seems so label conscious. Hasn't she heard of places like H&M and Steve Madden for god's sake? I would've liked this My Favorites post more if she wouldda named items that were budget friendly and respectable to a regular gals pocketbook.

  7. Hmmm… she seems to copy a lot of people. I can spot five outfits that were seen on other celebrities before she decided to wear them

  8. No offense..but everytime I see her pictures she always looks a hot mess.
    Even if she spent hella money on her stuff or got it for free, she never ever does her outfits any justice. I would be mad if I were these designers and she was name dropping. Just a little constructive criticism.

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