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So today we have a Fashion Bomb Exclusive Interview with…


Brooke Crittendon!

The Harlem Heights spitfire is a certified fashionista who keeps it splashy with an arsenal of hot makeup and fashion finds. A Baltimore native, Brooke is a self described “denim freak” and once spent $5,000 on jeans in one shopping trip! Not one to hold back for style, Brooke took some time to reveal a few of her favorite fashionable things:


She says, “My look is a blend of 80’s, thrift, comfort and convenience. I definitely dig the ‘single of a pair’ movement of the 80’s, one glove, one earring, one legwarmer etc. I don’t wear a lot of heels because I don’t believe in walking around with my feet aching for fashion (or corns for that matter)! I tend to wear a lot of flat boots and gladiator sandals.”


A girl after my own heart!

She continues, “ I don’t like trends, so I shop for pieces at vintage and thrift shops to guarantee that I’m not in a place where someone is wearing what I have on. I keep a funky haircut and take liberties with my makeup, so it makes it easier for me to dress simply and not overdose on being fashionable. My favorite designers are Buddhist Punk, Betsey Johnson, and PINK. I have a lot of black in my wardrobe, because I think black is classic and timeless…and easy when you need to get dressed really quickly!”


She confesses that she stocks everything from hoodies to statement bags in her closet. “I love my “No Autographs Please’ hoodie because the arms are long and skinny…it’s hard for tall girls to find fitted tops where the arms are long enough! I also adore my ripped jeans. I had been looking for a pair ( I have thick thighs so I didn’t want them to fit tight) and found a perfect pair for $49 at an Intermix Warehouse Sale! Another must: my gray booties. I’ve had the same pair of gray suede flat ankle booties for the past 4 years. The sole is worn to pieces (when I wear them in the rain my feet get wet!) but they fit so perfectly, they are worn in to the shape of my foot, and they add a hint of sass to a simple outfit. ”

She goes on, “My cinch belts add swag to a simple shirt and accentuate my small waist and full hips. I love my Louis Vuitton Mahina XL bag– I had been waiting to purchase a classic black leather purse, and when it came out last year I had to have it! It’s a perfect ‘city’ bag–I can dress it up or down and it can fit all my stuff. My gold Swatch big face watch never leaves my arm–it was $150 but looks like a Rolex! I also can’t live without my black leather jacket, gladiator sandals, and my two small cross necklaces. I wear a gold cross and a diamond cross together around my neck. They are very dainty and small, and are cute accents to my tops:


Brooke brings it with the makeup, so shared a few beauty tips as well, “In my makeup bag, you’ll find Givenchy mascara, Shu Uemura loose finishing powder and liquid eyeliner, Ambi face moisturizer, and Chanel red lipstick. With perfumes, I prefer body sprays from Bath & Body Works or this oil that I get from a guy on 125th street!”

Very cool. Though Brooke definitely has a stronghold on fashion, she admits she still learned a lot from Harlem Heights Stylist (and Fashion Bomb friend) June Ambrose. She says, “June and her team definitely gave me a broader understanding of clothing and putting things together. They taught me how not to be matchy matchy with colors, how not to overdose on trends, and most importantly how to work with my body. I definitely stepped my style game up for Harlem Heights, but also gained an appreciation for laid back casual style when I’m not on camera..after those shoes and clothes I was happy to throw on a hoodie and some Nikes.”


See more of Brooke’s fabulousness on Harlem Heights, tonight at 10pm/9c on BET.