*Want to see the July issue of Vogue before it hits newsstands?
Here’s a video:

Music is a bit strange, but…you get the point.
*Despite the controversy surrounding the Lebron/Giselle/King-Kong cover, the issue did not prove to be a winner…
Portfolio says, “The issue sold 350,000 copies on the newsstand, according to ABC Rapid Report, well below last year’s first-half average of 452,207. It’s Vogue’s worst-selling April issue since 2001; the month is usually an above-average one for sales thanks to the annual “Shape Issue.“” Interesting. Though the issue failed to attract readers, it wasn’t the worst selling cover. That honor belongs to Gwyneth Paltrow…
…whose May cover sold a mere 310,000 copies. So the blond ice queen cover sold the worst??? Really?? Still, I bet you money Vogue will use the Lebron ‘poor selling’ cover as reason to leave African-American men out the spotlight for the next century…but Gwyneth will be on there next year. Bet you money!!! [Portfolio]
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