When it comes to viral footwear, Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF is at the top of the game. Following the cartoonish Big Red Boot, the brand is back with another unique design that’s become quite the conversation starter.

Dubbed the BWD sneaker, MSCHF’s latest design is a sneaker/sandal hybrid outfitted with gray stripes, a chunky sole, high-vis pull tabs, and an angular speckled midsole. It’s a design that could pass for a retro skate shoe if it weren’t for the upper open on both ends and two-tongue allowing this sneaker to be worn forwards and backward.

Photo: Tijan for MSCHF
Photo: Tijan for MSCHF
Photo: MSCHF

When worn with the foot slid into the heel, the BWD becomes a monstrous sneaker-inspired sandal with open toes. Reserved, and the unique piece takes on a chunky mule silhouette with slightly exposed toes.

MSCHF’s BWD sneaker drops on April 11, and we can’t wait to see how fans style these unconventional kicks. These shoes certainly make the cartoony red boots a lot more wearable.