Last night, on top of my blogging duties, I made it out to Club Home to celebrate Vanessa Simmons’ 25th Birthday Party:


It was a surprise, and she seemed elated by all the fanfare…
…and the cake was delish!
Of course I had to snap a quick pic with the sisters.
Angela was very sweet and looked fresh faced for the club…
…And Vanessa kept it super casual in a t and jeans…

…The girls were very down to earth and sweet. And they are avid blog readers, loving The Fashion Bomb and Young, Black, and Fabulous.
That works!
Anyway, back to my guest blogging duties…
*Thanks to Tamar of Alerte, Carter & Associates.

7 thoughts on “Morning Quickie: Vanessa Simmons’ Birthday Party at Club Home”

  1. Claire, can i just say that I love how you and the YBF have decided to share ya’ll audience with each other by doing the guest blogging. You all have a talent and there’s no reason for bloggers to compete, you all can gain a larger scale of success by doing great things like this. I love it!!!

  2. Wow! The Simmons have really hit their stride! Esp. lil’ sister Angela, she’s really come into her looks and blossomed into a beautiful 20 something.

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