This weekend, I also stopped into the Uptown Emerging Designers Market hosted by my friends Michelle and Enyinne…
As soon as I stepped into the Hip Hop Cultural Center, I was delighted to see tons of indie designers, including Burden Clothing, Cut it out Apparel, Harriet’s Alter Ego, and of course Seasoned to Perfection.
While there were many many options, I only stopped and chit chatted with a few. One who caught my eye was D. Brown
…she makes jazzy custom made t-shirts, emblazoned with her initials…

…along with custom made men’s jeans and accessories (I liked her sequined berets!). Check her out at
Another designer to look out for: Nkrumah Jennings, designer of the jewelry line Anu
…I knew I was just there to look around, but I couldn’t help but shop at his table! I picked up a pair of cute gold earrings and a bold necklace (he actually shortened the necklace for me as I stood there). He’s on myspace as well at
All in all it was a great event!
I saw a few Fashion Bombers in the house…thanks for rolling out! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next Uptown Emerging Designers Market in July!

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  1. ooh you are making me miss New York! I used to intern at Harlem Textile Works! They do great things!

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