So last night I was delighted to attend the relaunch party of the website, JCReport:


Haven’t heard of it? It’s a fabulous online fashion destination, chocked to the brim with all the latest on trends and news, all from an international perspective.
I made my way down to the W in the Financial District, and the room was packed with well dressed world citizens:
I usually reserve Mondays for Real Style, but the fashion flavor in the room was so strong, I couldn’t help but put it on display:

I literally almost started salivating over these young ladies’ eye catching chunky necklaces worn with simple yet fabulous black dresses and stilettos! They admitted that their jewelry was by Diana Broussard, Dresses by Peter Hidalgo, and shoes by Pierre Hardy. And check out diva on the left’s Chanel Ankle Bag. FIERCE!!
Men’s fashion abounded:
These young men looked dapper and different in shorts on the right, and a straight legged suit worn with a skinny tie on the left.
An exotic patterned fedora plays well against a dark polka dot jacket, tie, and shirt. Young man on the left (designer Jose Duran (www.joseduran.net) looks simply chic in a cream tank and black pants.
More polka dots! Divo on the left is a member of the band the Ones (www.myspace.com/theonesareflawless) and represents with a unique haircut and glasses. The leather jacket donning fashionisto on the right is none other than designer Orlando Carreras (www.orlandocarreras.com).
And I loved this young lady’s bowl cut and simple, yet edgy hoops. And her ruffled top!
So cute!
Of course I had to jump in a couple!
There I am with blogging superstars and friends Kathryn Finney of the Budget Fashionista (www.budgetfashionista.com) and shoe maven Miss Meghan (www.missmeghan.com).
And I had to take a picture with the man of the hour…
Jason Campbell!
Check out his website today (www.jcreport.com) and bookmark it! Tell him I sent ya!

2 thoughts on “Morning Quickie: JC Report Relaunch Party”

  1. First of all, I want to say keep up the great work!! I truly love your site. After seeing this post, I couldn’t help but notice the young lady to right. Her dress is to DIE for (well for me anyway)! What would you suggest as some alternatives? Or better yet, where can I get this?
    thanks so much!!

  2. rhonda took the words right out my mouth. although, u feature primarily women’s fashion i love this site. cause i love to see a women that has her fashion game right… so [applause]
    *love your lox

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