Hey Everyone!!
So today’s Mail Bombs post will be a bit delayed. Why? Well, this morning, I had a video shoot for a new online TV show called CaffeineTV. Caffeine is a hip, aspirational, inspirational show showcasing young professionals in New York City, specifically women of color. Perf!
I went to my fave boutique Pieces this AM and talked ‘Fashion Bomb’ with Caffeine beauty/style correspondent Dre Brown:


We chit chatted, did a bit of shopping…
..and just had a very fly fabulous time. I’ll let you know when my segment goes live…it’ll be worth the wait!
Now off to solve Mail Bombs. Stay tuned…
PS My new fave accessory is my Casio Baby G Shock Watch. I’m wearing their $99 Atomic Watch in White. It’s a great summer accessory!