My People, there is power in the pen.  I decided to go back and read my journal from about two years ago, and what amazed me was the fact that I am currently living out some of the goals that were written in my journal.  There’s something about reading or writing that triggers your subconscious brain.  When you write your goals down and read them over and over, your subconscious brain begins to think about these goals more actively – which in turn causes you to begin working towards them.  Writing your goals down makes them become clear and tangible.  It gives you a clear picture of what you want, it will push you to take action, and it will allow you to see your progress.

I write down whatever I want whether it’s big or small.  I place my list of goals in a notebook that I carry with me 90% of the time or on a computer or mirror so that I can continuously see them.  I constantly refer back to my list of goals to make sure I’m on track or to revise them, and then I execute a plan to accomplish them.

I challenge all of you to get a piece of paper out and write your goals down.  No matter if they are big or small, weird or funny – write them down, believe that you can accomplish them, read them over and over, and work towards them.  The goals you write down won’t be accomplished over night, but I bet you sooner or later you’ll see yourself getting closer and closer to what you’ve written down if you take action.

Write your life!

Happy Monday Positive Thinkers!