Never stop learning.
That’s a bit of honest advice I’d give to anyone looking to start out in the industry.
Expend every resource available to you. Read books, watch videos, go see talks, find ways to mix and mingle with others who share your interests until you feel you are going in the direction you desire.

When I first started blogging, way before all the fashion shows and bright lights, I’d hit up every fashionable exhibit in the city, and write about those since I didn’t have any events to go to (peep my Black Style Now? Critique on FBD from 2006). Before you get all the glamour, do a bit of grunt work–read, think, grow.

Of course the world is vast and the options are endless, so below, please find my recommendations for great fashion books + fashion films and documentaries you can catch on Youtube, Netflix, or On Demand:

There are so many more that I love, but you can read and watch those to start.
What are some of your favorite fashion books and documentaries?