It looks like I’ve gone from blogger to business owner to semi professional speaker!
I’ve been participating on lots and lots of panels (full schedule coming to This past weekend, I participated in a Dreamleapers Retreat hosted by industry maven Harriette Cole.
My panel focused on leaping for your dreams in the editorial world, and featured Teen Vogue EIC Elaine Welteroth, New York Post’s Alexa Luxury Lifestyle Magazine’s Editor David Kaufman, and Essence EIC Vanessa de Luca. And me.

The panel underscored the importance of going for what you want, regardless of what may stand in your way. Simply not taking no for an answer. Leaping for your dreams with style and grace.

Harriette had super kind words to say about her mentee, Elaine. Elaine started off as an intern and beauty editor for Ebony magazine, then went on to work as a beauty writer then beauty editor at Glamour, then Teen Vogue. She was Teen Vogue’s first African-American beauty director since 2012 and is now their first African-American Editor-in-Chief. The moves Elaine is making are unprecedented. But what Elaine has is spunk and pinache. She acted on her instincts and made things work, even in the face of challenges.

I hope that Elaine and I can show that it is possible to break into fashion and publishing as a woman of color; and that there are different routes and avenues you can take to realize your dreams. Make no excuses. Go for the gold with gumption. As Vanessa de Luca said, you will get there eventually.

We’ll be doing Monday Motivation every Monday moving forward.
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