Question: If you were riding in a car on your way to the mall, would you listen to the radio and enjoy some music on the way there?  Or would you wait until you reach the mall and then turn the music on?  Chances are (if you are a music lover), you will enjoy your music on the way to the mall.  So why not treat life the same way?

Life is not about the destination, it’s about enjoying the ride on the way to the destination.  I hear people talk all the time about what they are going to do when they finally accomplish a goal or reach a certain status.  My question to them is, “What are you doing in the meantime?”  Life shouldn’t be on hold until you reach a desired point.  Life is a road that is meant to be traveled and lived at all stages because you never know when that road will change or end.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to live.  Enjoy the music on the way to that perfect moment.  Living on the way to your perfect moment will make your perfect moment that much better.

Happy Monday Positive People!



Samjah Iman