12 thoughts on “Model Flash: Newcomer David Agbodji”

  1. Beautiful chocolate brotha…..How about sponsoring a The Fashion Bomb Male and Female Model Contest (at different times), and inviting some of your celebrity and designer friends to judge and the fashion bomb readers to vote…How about it guys, what do you think????

  2. WOW. I know this about the beautiful, black man. but it’s CRAZY to me how much the second guy from the left looks like Bobby Kennedy. That’s creepy.

  3. Yeah: If his family’s from Nigeria and he lives in New York, is he not African-American?

  4. There are differing schools of thought. Clearly if he is not born in the U.S. (or obtained citizenship), then he is not American, inas much as he lives/grew up here. HOWEVER, if he was born in America, then many Nigerians do claim identification as Nigerian-American. Others still, view this as compatible with an identity as an African-American as well, such as MYSELF. I was born in the states, spent years in Nigeria as a kid and the rest in the U.S. I have both Nigerian/US citizenship. I view myself as at once Nigerian-American and African-American (i.e. black Amer.). I dont’ think these identities need be exclusive. Part of it is an appreciation for the racial legacy of AfAm’s. Just my Op!

    Incidentally, some reports have this kid being born in France or something. Agbodji seems like a clear cut Nigerian (Yoruba) name but it could be nearby Francophone (cameroon/Benin).

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