So while I’m sure all of you are *loving* the fashion week rundowns, I know you still want your regular Mail Bombs!


….the’terns and I have been crazed this week, but we’ve solved just a few for your viewing pleasure!
First up, Tiffany says, “So I was getting my daily gossip fix over at YBF and stumbled across this fabulous outfit worn by Rihanna…
“...If you could help me find similar pieces to recreate this look I would be so grateful.
Get Rihanna’s look by combining the following high and low end items:
1. United Bamboo Shawl Collar Jacket, $545. 2. Forever 21 Sunglasses, $6. 3. Delia’s Boy Solid Tank, $6. 4. Geren Ford Denim Stretch Twill Zip Back Skirt, $114. 5. Liz Claiborne “Idol Pleasures” Stretch Bracelet, $35.
Next, Jay says, “I was wondering if you could tell find me similar shoes to the ones Tatyana Ali and Elise Neal are wearing??
If you want a strappy look with ankle details, go with this $179 Rio Leather Sandal
…from http://www.bebe.com/.
Next, faithful Bomb reader Whitney says, “I was wondering if you could find a similar dress to the one Janet is wearing??
Get in control with this $170 Lauren Ralph Lauren Duke Luxe Jersey Dress:
Miriam says, “I know this is jewelry, but it still counts as fashion mail bomb emergency!! Jordan Sparks wore this chain linked earring at the VMA’s, and I am in LUUUUV with it!!!
… I can’t seem to find anything like it anywhere, so can you help??!! I hope so!
Adriana stepped in, saying, “It looks like Jordin is wearing Pantera’s Feather Ear Cuff
“… which you can find at Lisa Kline for $1,125.00. If you want a more affordable alternative try this $40 Earwrap with stud...”
“...from Bajoran.” Thanks Adriana!
Nathalie E says, “Claire and Crew: I saw Jada Pinkett Smith in this fabulous dress on Letterman last night and I have to have it for an event I’ve got coming up…”
… Could you help me with some budget friendly alternatives to this fabulous dress?
Aramide and I conspired to find you these affordable options:
1. Rachel Pally Black One Shoulder Dress, $99. 2. Vince One Shoulder Cotton Dress, $94. 3. Arden B One Shoulder Pencil Dress, $118.
And we had a few party related queries!
Nazly says, ” I was wondering where I could find a bag like this one?
…. Also where are her shorts from?”
It looks like Maya of Boxing Kitten is wearing a vintage Gucci bag along with shorts and top of her design. Find vintage Gucci’s on Ebay, and pick up a Boxing Kitten outfit here.
Lastly, Gina says, ” I am curious to know the designer of the skirt and suspender combo worn by Enyinne of Uptown Emerging Designer’s Market at Fashion Bomb’s second anniversary gala.”
Moreover, where can I purchase the exact or similar ensemble???”
Enyinne says, “That is from Adeleke’s collection – The Olori Collection. That particular design is available by request only right now but you can email Leke at leke@adelekesijuwade.com
Also, pssst, songstress Keyshia Cole was also spied wearing an Adeleke dress recently…
Get with it!
That does it for today.
There were a *ton* more that we didn’t get to, but check back in next Friday, you might be pleasantly surprised.