Fila, Number (N)ine and mastermind Homme are currently the one’s slaying the mouse game!

This spring, Mickey Mouse’s iconic face has landed on some dope brands, including Coach outlets, an exclusive, limited edition collection that launched in May and just recently ended. But Mickey’s continuing partnerships have embodied the 90’s sporty aesthetic, with Urban Outfitter’s exclusive Fila x Mickey basketball edition, Number (N)ine’s silhouette-styled graphic tees, and mastermind Hommes original Mickey styled hoodies and graphics.

Exclusively through Urban Outfitters, Fila x Disney is a basketball themed mens and women’s duo collection. The long-sleeve graphic above is $44.



Minnie is also in the mix in most of the womenswear clothing, calling it “Fila + UO/Mickey+Minnie.” The long and short sleeve graphic is $39 and can be purchased on

mastermind Homme is giving all types of throwback vibes with their original Mickey Mouse inspired designs that was sold exclusively through The Black Market. There seems to be no more in-stock on the site, but it’s up for resale on eBay from $437-478.




Japanese brand, Number (N)ine introduced the Mickey Mouse “Music Collection.” It taps into a more monochromatic look and silhouette detailing,. This is different from their last collaboration last year, that consisted of hoodies and more color.




The Charcoal colored graphic tee is the only color left in-stock on their website. But you can purchase the all-black version on eBay for $120.




What are your thoughts on Mickey Mouse’s latest collaborations?



Courtesy photos from n-nine-storeUrban Outfitters and High Snobiety