The first style book on Michelle Obama, titled Michelle Style: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion, will hit book shelves May 5th:

516snd4zcll_ss500_The author Mandi Norwood, described as the former editor-in-chief of several titles (Cosmopolitan UK, Mademoiselle, Shop, Etc), says the book promises to, “[Look at] her journey to the White House through the filter of her style.
Spend $14 on this ingenious idea…




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2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Style Book Hitting Bookshelves May 5th”

  1. i love Michelle O and all, but i think this book is bit premature. She’s only be first lady for a little over 100 days. She has many more events ahead of her!

  2. Okay, I love Michelle Obama and the ways he dresses. It’s fresh, personal and truly who she is, but this is getting totally ridiculous. Like the above poster said, she’s only been first lady for 100 days.

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