Michelle Obama adds another tick to her ‘magazine cover’ belt with the New Yorker’s March 16th issue:


The cartoon portrays Michelle as not only a first lady, but also a fashion plate–which she is!

I LOVE the New Yorker–it’s the only magazine I still have sent to me in Paris. So I will never, ever have anything bad to say about it.

Some people have a problem with the cover, saying it diminishes Michelle’s contributions and character. I think they’re silly.

What do you think?

PS New Yorker forever! Subscribe by going here. (yes, I’m a dork)

6 thoughts on “Michelle Obama on the New Yorker”

  1. I know people are sensitive and protective of her. But we already know she’s intelligent as all hell. Add fashion icon to her belt–pun intended. At least she’s seen as a woman on this cover and not as a partner in crime like she was previously.

  2. We are so easy to throw the RACE CARD with a pity party as our +1 that we deprive ourselves of our own shortcomings. Lady O looks amazing as an animation and it definitely loosens things up from the predictable covers and conservative frocks they throw on her … VIVA LA LADY O!!!

    p.s – claire I hear the New Yorker as well, lol.

  3. I’m not impressed, especially since they were the magazine during the 2008 election, that put the famous cover of her and Obama (with a Islamic headwrap) doing the fist bump, with the american flag burning in the background and Osama Bin Laden above the fireplace…

    Now they are praising her? yeah, ok…whatever.

  4. The New Yorker always supported Obama, even having a 5 page article pledging their support for him. Images aside, if you read the magazine, Moni, maybe you’d have a different opinion.

  5. This is not about whether or not I read the magazine, (which I did by the way, so assuming is just plain rude), I did not appreciate the cover. Whether they were for him or not it is MY OPINION that the cover was in bad taste.

    No need to get salty…I really hate when people post anonymously and become condescending based on your response when someone asks your views. That is very cowardly. Claire did ask “What do you think” and I answered the question.

    By the way, I love this blog. But people need to get a grip. The end.

  6. Images Aside? Well people such as myself who are not really familiar with the magazine, will see it as odd just as MoniMoni does, a last ditch effort to “save face”. Journalist have an obligation to uphold integrity and to convey facts, as for The New Yorker that is not a periodical that I believe I can look to… alas redemption was sought too late to lure me. It is illogical to convey literary ”5-page” support and aesthetic taunting, by all means it is certainly not appropriate in a Presidential election. Support is support. Image should not be put aside, that same image of “Barack is a Muslim Terrorist”, is the same failed attempt the Hillary Clinton “campaign” tried by circulating that “Muslim” picture of Obama, and what those hated-filled rallies where Mccain/Palin supporters toted around signs that said “Barack is a Muslim Terrorist”, the cover of the New Yorker simply perpetuated that idea. Therefore, I refuse to devourer anything with a grain of salt. We tend to raise the level of ignoring or undermining or “image aside”, so we can just for once believe that maybe racism, sexism or religious prejudice isn’t that prevalent and I know it hurts but and if ignoring or “image aside” is what some of us have to do to cope in this world so be it.

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