WWD reports that we might see Michelle Obama on the cover of Vogue soon after the inauguration of president elect Barack Obama:

Puerto Rico Campaign 2008 Michelle Obama

The article, by Stephanie D. Smith says, “Vogue has been campaigning for a Michelle Obama cover since last September ” both in print and in person. Editor in chief Anna Wintour and contributing editor Andre Leon Talley hosted several fund-raisers for the Obamas last summer, rallying the fashion community’s support for the Illinois senator.
Ok Andre!! The article goes on to say that despite Vogue’s best efforts, Ebony or Essence might get to them first. “The Chicago-based title [Ebony] is quickly assembling a special January issue dedicated to Barack Obama’s candidacy…Essence is also said to be working on a special package for its January issue, but details have not been hammered out.
Hmmm, so Ebony, Essence, or Vogue?? Which do you think she’ll choose?

13 thoughts on “Michelle Obama for Vogue??”

  1. Why can’t she do all 3…I’ll buy them..she’s my shero
    I personally prefer Essence to Ebony

  2. Do all three–Make Vogue the big finale!!! Vogue has more readers (voters) than ebony & essence

  3. Obvs she should do all three, but Ebony and Essence should get first dibs…they’ve been done since day ONE

  4. I agree. Ebony or Essence should be first. But if Anna Wintour has her way, which the Ice Queen usually does, Obama will be on Vogue.

  5. if she has to choose, i hope she chooses vogue. I want to see a Black woman on the cover. Im sick of these mediocre white women on that magazine. I love Michelle! pls do Vogue so I can buy it without feeling guilty!!

  6. Michelle covered Ebony in September. Vogue would try to put her in couture and Mrs. Obama has a reputation for staying away from high priced designers. Remember the black and white dress she wore on The View? And the interview on Extra, “My husband will be pleased to know this dress cost around $30.” Given the fact that the Obama Presidency will be about inclusion, I doubt Essence will be the first cover. I can see her on some generic women’s magazine, like In Style or something.

  7. I am a white woman. I would love to see Michelle Obama grace the cover of Vogue. I don’t personally buy Vogue..(gimme’a break [rolling of the eyes])…but it does have its fashion standing. I read magazines with better content, less brain washing fluff and which dosn’t hammer you with their idea of 1 dimentional beauty. My God… the number of black women who have appeared on Vogue’s cover since the magazine was founded in 1892: 3 (Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson)

  8. More people read Vogue so she should go for it first because she should be inclusive an not just be in the African American market. I’m a black woman and personally I don’t like Ebony that much; it seems to chase rather shallow issues and is not very serious minded.

  9. Michelle should do all three! I hope that she chooses to do the Vogue cover, because, as many others have mentioned, it will be great to see a strong, intellectually gifted, and beautiful Black woman on the cover of Vogue!

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