10 thoughts on “MIA’s New Line: Thoughts?”

  1. I actually like everything (except the leggings)… But I’m sure a stylin chick could pull off the Afrika Leggings…

    Great Post!

  2. I like all of it, but I feel like the timing is a bit off. Remember the hype before these even hit stores? I question how many people are still as excited to buy these items at the price. Especially when you can find garments like these at retail establishments like American Apparel and Forever 21.

  3. i mean really that’s all that it is her prints on American apparel clothing they had her featured in a couple of their mags ..its OK nothing that I feel that I have to run out and cop though…..

  4. go to american apparel ….. and i dislike adriana nova I met her and she is incredibly unpersonable

  5. I find this very very ugly and looks like she has no spec of talent. The tank is decent but I could grab one from any where.

  6. I LOVE that Mexican bodysuit. I would rock the hell out of that. But I DO work at American Apparel, so it’s not a huge stretch for me to dress that way.

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