Today, in a wardrobe query, Simone says, ” I have a special guy friend that is looking for a brown leather jacket similar to the one that Usher is wearing in his “You Don’t Have to Call” Video.”

Usher U Don't have to Call Screenshot

“…Could you give him a range of options so that he can look cool while staying warm and toasty this winter?”

It looks like Usher has Motorcycle Jacket on for his hit video. Get the look with these high and low prices options:

Reminisce with the video here:


3 thoughts on “Men’s Wardrobe Query: Brown Leather Jackets for an Usher Essence”

  1. I was hopeing to get the same jacket that Usher had on in his video You Dont Have To Call! Is here anymore made?

  2. I also wanted to know how to get the same jacket Usher had in the video U Reminde Me, I’ll pay wwhatever it is, if it is custome made!

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