I love the ladies’ wardrobe requests, but it warms my heart when I receive one from the fellas. It’s just so cute when guys want to dress up!
Lee says, “I need help. I’m going to an all-white party very soon and unfortunately for men, we end up looking like somebody’s uncle in a linen suit or a caretaker at a nursing home. I consider myself fairly stylish but am completely stumped on how I can make sure I’m the best dressed guy at this all-white affair.”

Hey Lee! If you don’t want to look like your OG uncle, I’d say go the route of sophisticated tailoring. Slip a sleek blazer over a v-neck t-shirt, and complete with matching white pants. Up the fly factor with details like cool loafers (or sneakers), light deflecting shades, and a boss watch:

Look to these guys for even more inspiration:


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