Last week Claire gave you guys a few of her must haves.  What do you think of mine?


My Samsung SGH E-307 flip phone (Tape is holding the battery.  What can I say?  It gives my phone character.)… My classic iPod Nano 4GB (They literally don’t make em like this anymore.)… My War Child bracelet ($5 each and 100% of net proceeds go to aiding kids affected by wars.  GREAT cause!)…My Christy’s Crown Wool Slick Fedora (It brings out the hipster in me)…and my absolute fave…ChapStick Spearmint (Cherry ChapStick is so 2008.  This gives you a cool feeling on the lips that leaves a minty taste.  Great for all you kissers out there.)

Methinks I should get an iPhone and ditch the cell phone and vintage iPod Nano.  What say you?

3 thoughts on “Men’s Sound Off! Vuitton’s Five Must Haves of the Moment”

  1. I say…YES! Had my iphone for about month now and love it! It’s a very handy pocket device. Then you will have room to add 2 new favorite things

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