Hey Guys!
Never in the history of the Fashion Bomb have we ever received so many requests for one ‘guy’ look! David, Nick, and Joshua all wrote in asking for Trey Songz sweater and Fabolous’ flannel shirt:

Joshua in particular, who is currently stationed in Kuwait, says, “Hey I am in the military and I know I am pretty late but videos come on over here in Iraq like 6 months late! In the “Say Ahh Video” Trey Songz is wearing a gray sweater and I am having a hard time finding what kind of sweater it is…also Fabolous is wearing a blue type flannel jacket do you know what kind of jacket that is? Please help a soldier out. LOL”
Hey! Thanks for writing in. We already found here that Fabolous is wearing a pair of $180 Double Down NYC EightyFourSeries Blue Shades and Trey Songz is rocking in Marc Jacobs sunnies. Get the rest of the look below:

Hope they ship internationally:)

In case you’ve never seen the video, enjoy below:


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