7 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion Flash : Shawl Collar Sweaters”

  1. It’s really a shame so many of these are sold out. I’ve been looking for one of those collared cardigans for a while now, and can’t really find any that are not extremely tacky–these are nice!

  2. These collared sweaters are great. I bought one for my boy friend and then bought a cashmere mens plaid scarf from Yours Elegantly. He was thrilled.

  3. Those shawl collared sweaters are wonderful. I just bought my first one and it looks great. I hope to find some shawl collared chunky cableknits.

  4. This scoop necked, delicate natural cotton shirt from (ha) is fantastic for a stroll by way of a farmers marketplace or an open air concert. Laid back and unpretencious, the dusky rose colour and on the shoulders neckline add a hint of effortless sexiness to an each day casual shirt. Currently was able to sell out, this shirt is a favorite and will hopefully become back in stock soon. Sweet Skins has two sweet tops on their site. Both can multitask as both a standalone shirt or turn into layered over a lighter top. The Metropolis Sweatshirt is made of hemp, biological cotton and terry and is ideal for cold fall or winter days. It rings in at $80 however tend to be a keep in your home comfortable preferred for years to come. The Hemp Wrap is also natural cotton, terry and hemp however is a lighter and somewhat much more dressed up than the Metropolis Sweatshirt. It really is also a bit more elegant, though still imminently suited for a cushty day off. It also costs $80, generating the Candy Skins picks slightly more expensive than the opposite tops on the list.

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