Miguel and ASAP Rocky took to the Coachella stage last night with Miguel in a $5,990 Saint Laurent Multicolor Teddy Bomber Jacket and ASAP in a $110 white Midnight Studios Posse T-Shirt:

Men's Fashion-Flash-Coachella-Fashion-Miguel-in-Saint-Laurent-Multicolor-Striped-Bomber-Jacket-and-ASAP-Rocky-in-Midnight-Studios-posse-T-Shirt

Miguel’s wool and linen blend bomber has multicolored, horizontal stripes across the chest.   The jacket features white stars on a metallic blue collar, black leather sleeves and ribbed detailing around the cuffs and hem of the jacket.


The back of the bomber has an animated dinosaur head stitched on it.



ASAP Rocky’s short sleeve Midnight Studio’s T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton.  In stacked print, the shirt reads “Midnight Posse Totally Unprofessional.”


Miguel’s bomber jacket is currently sold out but you can purchase ASAP Rocky’s T-Shirt here.

What do you think?

Men's Fashion-Flash-Coachella-Fashion-Miguel-in-Saint-Laurent-Multicolor-Striped-Bomber-Jacket-and-ASAP-Rocky-in-Midnight-Studios-posse-T-ShirtMen's Fashion-Flash-Coachella-Fashion-Miguel-in-Saint-Laurent-Multicolor-Striped-Bomber-Jacket-and-ASAP-Rocky-in-Midnight-Studios-posse-T-Shirt-1


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