Upscale Hype has the scoop on the latest t-shirts from Pharrell’s Billionaire’s Boy’s Club line:

Pharrell BBC T-Shirt

They say, “BBC is releasing 3 T-shirts each with different quotes from the Pharrell Williams produced “So Ambitious” track off of Jay-Z’s ‘Blueprint 3′ album.”

Pharrell BBC T-Shirt

“…The shirts should be available online soon at the BBC online store with a price range of $80 to $100.”

Pharrell BBC T-Shirt

OK $80 for a tee is more than outrageous, but I like the message of these tees. Perhaps they’re a worthwhile investment?
Keep an eye out for them at


3 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion Flash : BBC Blueprint 3 T-Shirts”

  1. I like the Tee’s, they are nice but as I scrolled down and saw the price….it completely turned me off. I know its the “Billionaire Boys Club” but do they have prices for us “Millionaires”?

  2. Love the song, Jay, Pharrell and the shirt. But a $80-$100 T-shirt, for a man (who somehow always manage to spill stuff on themselves) no ma’am!

    Lol.. I agree. Even us ‘millionaires’ on a budget, it’s a recession.

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