Murse = Male + Purse


More and more, men are popping up with male purses, also known as a murse. Whether an uber masculine Louis Vuitton attaché or a full on Christian Dior bag, men are joining women in coordinating their bags to their fashionable outfits.

In Paris, guys have no problem at all rocking murses. They wear little Longchamps satchels to work, and on the weekends rock sport bags with cross body straps.


Of course, they serve a function, and briefcases have accompanied many dads to work for decades.

But what are your thoughts? To Murse or not to murse?

Pix care of Swagger Paris & Source

19 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion Discussion: To Murse or not to Murse?”

  1. It depends on the size. The guy in the first pic looks …ridiculous. Only women shoul carry bags that big!

  2. Rock it! And make sure your boyfriend carries his too! The only man that would carry a murse is one that is homosexual. I’m sorry but everything about a murse is just too feminine and the only guy that would want to be that feminine is one who is gay.

  3. I’ve seen murses on men done quite well before and I’ve seen it end in disaster too. It all depends. Repurposing a women’s purse is a no-no but a murse made for men is quite GQ.

  4. Only if he’s homosexual should he be carrying a murse.
    The only time hetero men should carry a bag of any kind is if he’s traveling, going to school w/ his bookbag, just finished shopping, or going to work w/ his breifcase.
    All that femine color or monogramed bag carrying should be left to the females.

  5. murse….it seems we create words to justify our behavior… it is NOT hot…I love my couture and my high fashon but some things need to be left on the runway…unless of course you want everyone giving you (men) the side eye

  6. If you gonna pose with your “murse” at least get the dirty laundry out of the picture…

    Jesus take the wheel…

  7. I think murses are hot and functional. Homosexuality is just that… sexuality. I don’t think that all men who carry bags are interested in dating and sleeping with other men.

    It all depends on how you rock it. Just as some women wear menswear in really sexy ways I think we should have fun with fashion and stop being so concerned with social constructs that suppress creativity.

  8. Ummm can someone tell me the brand of the bag that the guy in the first picture is wearing? Would be appreciated!

  9. oh, i don’t even like the word, murse. But if they have to, do it tastefully. The bag in the first pic is hot but should not be worn on the arm. It looks like a traveling bag. See this is y we gotta school some of em..LOL anyway rock on…

  10. lol, the bag looks like it can fit him inside, hahaha. I agree, leave the feminin colours and monograms to the ladies

  11. well wat i personally believe is dat there is no harm in accepting murse as a fashion accessory for a men provided if u r mentally prepared n carrry it properly..not like da way da model is wearin it…his overall dressing and pose seems to b like feminine…!dnt just blame murse!!

  12. I like how it’s all females posting on here XD

    I say people should keep their own comments to themselves, wouldn’t the world be such a better place without so much stereo-typing?

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