9 thoughts on “Melody Ehsani’s Fall 2009 Lookbook”

  1. Her pieces are always hot to me, but the reviews never reflect it. I always hear bad things about the earrings: the ones for pierced ears are heavy and drag your lobe down, while the clip-ons are uncomfortable/slide off and break. Other people reviewing them say a few pieces look cheap in real life. Of course in all fairness, I’ve never purchased her stuff myself, mostly b/c I am hesitant of paying something like $50 for Forever 21-grade materials. Has anybody here ever bought any of it? Got any good reviews?

  2. Cute

    but what happened to the other model that usually models for her. she made everything look so funky!

  3. To me her collections are more hype than anything. Like E.Jay I’ve been hesitant toward purchasing because of the price/quality.

  4. I love Melody Ehsani. I own the Pharoah and Africa earrings and the watch ring. I love all of them and I get compliments when I wear them. They earrings are really big but they’re not heavy.

  5. I love her stuff…i own a couple of her earrings and always get stopped on the streets! The great thing is she makes them big, but the naterial is lightweight, but durable.

  6. hey style is unbelievable. i will definitely be putting a pair of her shoes & some accessories on my christmas list! <3

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