Trends come and go but for years to come, a wardrobe based on stylish items is going to fit you. The women’s fashion designer – NILI LOTAN knows that when it comes to clothing, durability matters. Native Israel creates pieces that survive time and defy place.

She says that we’re just pretty, funny girls in the neighborhood. We have elegance, a wardrobe filled with clothes to be grateful for, and when we can, we enjoy life to the fullest. Do not fear, this is a pretty normal problem for every girl out there!  No matter your age, Lotan shared the main factors to bear in mind when constructing your outfit. Read on to find out!

Start with people you meet

The first thing is to bring in the most basic resources: family and friends if you have no idea how you need to go with your personal style. Also, figure out who do you admire right at your home and at work?   

What do they wear that gives you the impression that they look beautiful? Start using certain suggestions for clothes as a starting point. You shouldn’t have to go over a certain genre. There’s no reason for you to go for a star. In their lives, everybody has someone that makes them say, “They look good.”

Look at the runway shows. 

Runway shows are a fantastic inspiring resource, and you don’t really have to go see them anywhere. You can find plenty of them online on various social media platforms. You can look at as many shows on the runway as you want to. Find the patterns of fashion that resonate with you. That’s much better than shopping for screens. 

In your closet, you are looking for what similar trends will make sense. And you just get creative. That fashion product, you’re not buying it. On the runway, the parts and styling are not meant for casual wear. What you’re seeing is a form of art on a runway, but can also be an idea for a good dress.

Get out of your zone of comfort 

This may sound like a difficult challenge when you’re a fashion beginner. How do you decide if you prefer vibrant colors or neutrals or look best in boho flowy pieces or fitted separates? 

The best way to get to a point where you can honestly say, yeah, this is my look, is to introduce yourself to a lot of various styles and experimentation, to figure out what you want, and all the stuff you don’t really like. 

At a certain point in their life, everyone you see who has a fantastic sense of style right now has been through this experimenting process and will possibly tell you millions of tales of all the ‘awful’ clothes they tried before they ultimately decided on a style. You can do your better to pace up the whole process as a total fashion newcomer, but you’ll need to go through it.

Look beyond fashion 

Know that it doesn’t actually have to come from fashion when looking for inspiration. Herbs, art, movies, or pets can encourage you. Try to add those colors into your look whenever you see a flower with beautiful colors. That sort of motivation for real-world style is often where designers really get their style ideas. Motivation from beyond the fashion world will assist you in finding a special, instead of a fashionable style.

The best way to get to a point where you can honestly say, yeah, this is my look, is to introduce yourself to a lot of various aesthetics and experimentation, to figure out what you want, as well as all the stuff you don’t like.

Wrapping Up 

If you feel creative and want to imagine your ominous tone, Pinterest is a wonderful internet platform for inspiring you and making a digital scrapbook simpler. Otherwise, to make a real-life scrapbook, collage, or pinboard, you can take a much more professional approach, cut out the magazines, and print photographs that represent your style. Showcase it in your bedroom or even on the back of your closet door so that you still go in front of your mind for your design style goals. Have fun and enjoy making your look!