In sad news, urban music mainstay Vibe Magazine folded today:

Vibe Magazine Folds

Another victim of the recession, the title has definitively closed its doors.

An article in Daily Finance says, “Vibe enjoyed significant success in the late ’90s and early part of this decade as hip hop and R&B became the nation’s predominant forms of pop music. But in recent years the title has fallen on hard times … In February, it reduced its circulation and publishing frequency, cut salaries and moved employees to a four-day workweek to save money.”

Beyonce Vibe Magazine

It seems every year we’re mourning the loss of a title that speaks to us. First Suede, then Vibe Vixen, and now Vibe itself.

I have so many warm memories of Vibe…tearing through one of my first issues featuring the Fugees; reading about the East Coast vs. West Coast beef; and gasping when they had the courage to put popstar Justin Timberlake on the cover.

Rihanna Vibe Magazine

Aside from its groundbreaking premier issues, Vibe represented some of the best journalism in its field.  By courting the best authors and thinkers, Vibe was able to put an intelligent and well researched spin on the booming hip-hop industry.

Usher Vibe

I’ll miss Vibe’s 20 Questions, the fashion spreads done by the uber talented Memsor Kamaraké and Janelle Grimmond, and reading stories by authors like Karen Good and Serena Kim.

Will you miss it?

Read a tribute from former Vibe staffer (and fabulous blogger) Aliya S. King here.

5 thoughts on “Media News: Vibe Magazine Folds”

  1. Tiffany,
    I am not an expert in media but I have friends that are. They say the industry as a whole has been slammed by falling revenue from advertising that has dried up in a weak economy. This is affecting newspapers as well that have cut staff, salaries, perks etc, and/or are switching exclusively to an online presence. Others here might have more insights.

  2. What will the intellectual urban youth such as myself read now? There are no more meaningful, thought-provoking hip-hop mags out there on the newsstands. R.I.P. VIBE Magazine. :’-(

  3. OMG! I know this post is old, but I still have my 2004 issue of Suede magazine with Eve on the cover. I still refer to it time to time. It’s still relevant today.

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