To be a male actor with many talents is one thing, but to be a legend in the acting game is another milestone of respect as an entertainer. Coming out of the suburbs of West Side, Chicago, as a young boy, Larenz Tate knew he had what it took to become a star. But little did he know he would charm the hearts of many ladies and build a bond with male fans too. He has it all going on, and to top it all off he has such killer swag and style. That is why he is crowned our Man Crush Today.

Tate’s career in television and film began in the late ’80s, but his career shaped a bright future for him in 1993 for his impressive thug-happy role as “O-Dog” in ‘Menace II Society’ film. Many of his roles lead to numerous awards and nominations  because of his ability to offer authenticity in movies like ‘Love Jones’ and ‘Why Do Fools Fall in Love,’ which is probably the reason why he is constantly winning over ladies hearts. Other talented films he played was ‘Crash,’ ‘Waist Deep,’ ‘Dead Presidents,’ and more.

The 41-year-old is a one-of-a kind actor, a family man, and husband. He can seemingly juggle practically anything and everything. Besides earlier this year getting his hands dirty in ‘Bronzeville’ a  10-episode podcast with Laurence Fishburne about Chicago’s past, he is also currently starring in a recurring role in season 4 of hit TV series ‘Power.’ How does he find the time is astonishing, but then again, he’s used to the grind and continues to become a positive force in the black community.

As you may have peeped from his role as “O-Dog,” braids were once his thing to rock back in the ’90s, and he pulled them off quite nicely. Now the short braided look for males is trending these days, but it’s safe to say Larenz was one of the celebrities to do it first.

Aviators will probably never go out of style, and Larenz proves that often when he wears them. It’s one of his signature looks that will just continue to enhance his already noticeable confidence and swag.

Another added touch to his wardrobe is his outerwear game. From bomber jackets, denim jackets, militant jackets, to leather ones, he wears them well no matter what color or style.


Hats is another winner style look that he wears well. I think he likes fedora hats the most.

And we can’t forget about what makes him so charming in the first place, that million dollar smile!

He also manages to always stay well-groomed. He has that baby face glow, a pure way of defining that black never cracks!

What do you think of our MCM this week?