Justin Bieber is a rare breed in the limelight of entertainment and fashion. He was just a 12-year-old Canadian kid from London, Ontario making YouTube videos until he was discovered by Scooter Braun of RBMG, a joint record label under Usher. From record-breaking hits to his more than 100 million followers on social media, he has become a heart-throb to many and still continues as he get’s older, wiser and even more stylishly good-looking, which crown’s Justin as our MCM for the week!


During his younger years, Justin mixed and match with colors and prints, but kept his appearance in the direction of skater boy street. Now, as his pockets and success grows, he has firmed up an idea of what fits him best.

Working with stylists Ryan Good and Karla Welch, he has continued to fine tune his street chic aesthetic.

He loves a combination of pieces for layering, headwear, readers for eyewear, and popular labels such as Supreme, Nike, Fear of God, Champion, Vans and more.

You can find him in anything urban, semi-chic and/or distressed.

His normal day-to-day staple pieces are hoodies, specs, and bandanas, with the occasional unexpected piece (say a kilt) to keep people intrigued.

He is also often killin’ it in plaid prints too!

If he’s not skateboarding, he’s performing, creating music videos and just hanging out whether alone or with his crew. He seems like one laid back artist when there’s time to kill!

His looks can appear baggy despite his usual layerings, but he knows how to tone it down a notch. And with his new platinum blonde hair-do, he appears more sleek, minimal, yet daring than ever.

That’s a wrap! View more pics of the Bieb’s stylish looks in the gallery.

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