It’s Monday and we are Man Crushing on Aubrey “Drake” Graham aka @champagnepapi. This Hotline Blingin’ Canadian is no ordinary rapper. He is a talented influencer and entertainer who first hit the scene in 2001 as “Jimmy” from Degrassi TV show, but once he took a stab at the music industry with his “So Far Gone” mixtape in ’09, he became one of the greatest leaders in the hip-hop and pop culture industry.

Besides his bars, Drake’s unmatched style and confidence put’s a unique spin on urban streetwear culture with his effortlessly casual looks. Yet, he’s never afraid to jump out in something bold to grab your attention.

Fashion brands like Louis Vuitton love to incorporate Drake into the mix, as the Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 show played his music while the models strutted down the runway. He also has a profound collection of Timberland boots. It’s such a polished look on him that he now has joined forces with the brand. Last but not least, his clothing brand, OVO (October’s Very Own) has skyrocketed into a business venture in both fashion and music.

The 31-year-old mogul is always groomed to perfection. We can tell he likes to keep it clean, from his fresh haircut down to his Timberlands’. And every now and then he may throw on a fur coat to spice up his look. Grown man status, approved!

Drake is not always seen rocking a pair of glossy shades, but when he does it adds a unique spark to his look. This is when we get to see the retro side of Drake!

Champagne Papi may like to keep it simple, but never dull. Prints or a classy jacket is how he makes a statement! He loves to experiment, which can be a challenge, but not for Drake! He can pull it off even in his usual cozy, athletic looks.

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