Snoop Dogg’s eldest son, Cordell Broadus, isn’t just known for having one of the greatest rap legends as a Dad! He’s his own rising mogul who adores pursuing his passions in fashion and film. This 20-year-old LA native is making a name for himself as a creative director for Joyrich, and he’s even gotten his hands dirty in directing music videos such as his father’s “Toss it” video with help from his production company. He’s been featured on the runways of Dolce & Gabbana (Menswear SS18) and Phillip Plein (SS18), but that was just to get his feet wet into his ultimate goal to walk the same path of some of the greats in directing films like Steven Speilberg and Quentin Tarantino. He is dubbed our MCM because he once hesitated to embrace his creative energy, but now he’s proving to the world that he can take on just about any challenge. Behold, our Man Crush.


This witty UCLA film student scored all A’s during his sophomore year, already has his career path aligned, is killin’ look after look in the fashion industry, and I’m sure the ladies can’t get enough of that fresh face and charming smile.


He loves sports, but he’s more of a creator than anything else. We see that through his input on designs for Joyrich, and even when showing off his own swaggy style on Instagram @cbroadus.


Prints look absolutely divine on this young fellow. It elevates his style to a more confident, sleek appeal.





Even though he loves indulging into films more than anything, his modeling career can take him through the roof! He would make a great spokesmodel for intimate brands’ like Calvin Klein.

Cordell’s originality reflects fashion decades of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. He’s too cool to follow trends, as he’s put’s his own spin on the old and turns into a modern look.

His appearance is always clean, crisp and well put together. There’s no telling what his future will consist of but we know it’s surely a bright one ahead!


View more looks of our MCM in the gallery.



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